Tecnología 360°

Social networks are ruling the world

In Hotel Marketing we offer

Necessary strategy to reach more customers and connect with them.

We design the most appropriate image for the season, using the tools that are ideal to generate engagement and position your corporate brand.

Now we see the world through social networks

We provide a monthly strategic plan with a chronopost of content aligned with the values ​​of your company with the correct language.

We set ourselves direct objectives linked to the most relevant sales and products of your hotel

We keep your Main Networks up to date

Your hotel can not remain isolated from this reality

Studies affirm that the millenials are looking for their services and hirings by social networks, before any other thing. In our experience, the percentage of hiring by Facebook has been increasing over time and the projection is to equal that of the other means of reservation. Social networks evoke connection, commitment to the customer and security, that’s why your hotel should be part of everything that is within these parameters, for sure your sales and confidence will increase, through social networks we have a personal contact and direct with the clients, we understand how they think and their direct experience with the product we offer.

Tecnología 360°