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Revenue Management

In revenue management we must place the Ó KPI’S indicators in the hotel’s historical numbers, for this we extract information from the PMS to obtain the initial parameters of the strategy.

Once the KPIs have been identified and the historical values ​​established, Our Revenue Manager proceeds to evaluate the opportunities that the hotel product has compared to the competition and market demand, aligning the possibilities offered by the facilities and the possible adjustments according to the budget allocated. the hotel.

Hotel Website

The website is the heart of the direct channel, a business center which must have the ability to attract, convince and convert visitors into future hotel guests.

In addition, the website is the collector of marginal sales from advertising guidelines developed by large online agencies such as BOOKING, EXPEDIA, DESPEGAR among others and which end up by booking directly at the hotel.

Booking engine

The commission-free booking engine integrated into the website is the ideal cash register to close negotiations directly with the client, avoiding the payment of commissions, allow the OTAS to work for the hotel free of charge.

Channel Manager

The Channel Manager is a software that automatically synchronizes the availability, prices and restrictions of each room in the different touristic portals or OTA (Booking.com, Expedia, Hotelbeds, HRS, AirBnB).

Call Center + CRM

One of the most important means of generating contacts and sales is still the phone now in its various presentations, whatsapp, line, Skype among others.

The clients want to be sure that they speak directly with the hotel, that the conditions they offer on the internet are real and do not form part of a scam or something similar, that the payments are made in the correct account, that they want to confirm availability and rates found on the internet, are the most common reasons why the phone is and will continue to be the most commonly used method to close negotiations in the hotel industry.

Social Media

Social networks are ruling the world. A few years ago it was not so important if you had social networks or not, in fact it was insignificant, but history has changed. Now we see the world through social networks Do not you think? Let’s do an exercise: When you are looking for a product or service and you want at least to have an idea of ​​your work, you immediately think about networks or at least through its website.

The main objective of the hotel e-commerce is to improve the positioning of the hotel in each of the online sales portals and keep the pricing strategy updated. The direct channel must be a priority therefore it must be in constant evolution with the promotions that are executed through the direct channel, web page and social networks.

Vídeo marketing + Youtube

Videomarketing in 360 ° is the most innovative format that exists today to market your hotel, because it offers your potential guests the opportunity to explore and interact thoroughly with each area and hotel room, from a computer, a tablet or a Mobile phone.