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Professional Revenue Management for hotels

What is Revenue Management?

It is an income management technique that establishes a methodical process that investigates, collects and analyzes internal and external information in order to define a commercial strategy that foresees possible scenarios and / or changes in demand and competition and based on This information define the correct rates.

information to define the correct rates, to the correct client, for the correct channel at the correct moment of the purchase, for it also must be defined the marketing channels ideal to meet the hotel’s sales objectives.

We go beyond a competitive analysis. We analyze in detail all the factors that influence the market and make the right decisions based on it.

What do we do to improve the Revenue of your Hotel?

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Establishment of correlations and segmentation

Once the KPIs have been identified and the historical values ​​established, Our Revenue Manager proceeds to evaluate the opportunities that the hotel product has compared to the competition and market demand, aligning the possibilities offered by the facilities and the possible adjustments according to the budget allocated. the hotel.

This stage is fundamental since it allows to establish the opportunities to cover new markets, to deepen in niches in development and to promote and respect the conditions in the relations with the frequent clients of the hotel.

Identification of opportunities and forecasts

The process of identifying revenue opportunities and / or revenue management is about the execution of a search process for rates in the competition, taking into account certain search criteria that align with the accommodation capacity of the hotel. In this way we determine the sales opportunities in the future.

Implementation of tools and optimization

The final part of the implementation of a revenue management strategy consists of establishing the various promotions in the appropriate channels, using the tools and mapping the channel manager, in such a way to get the most out of the OTAS and prevent additional costs with the Use for the example of Wholesalers and / or GDS for certain dates and / or seasons.

Monitoring and dynamic evaluation of results

The final process of revenue management is constant feedback on the performance of promotions, rhythm of sales, occupation in the future, percentage of cancellations and / or No show, volume of collections for NO show, volume of sales by channels, volume of nights sold x marketing channel, average rate.

Hotel e-commerce How to get the most out of OTAS?

Every Revenue Management strategy must have a successful implementation, for this purpose all electronic and / or electronic marketing channels must be aligned in terms of rates, conditions, photographs, content, locations, geo-reference, services and features. This with the purpose of not being penalized by the Online Agencies.

The main objective of the hotel e-commerce is to improve the positioning of the hotel in each of the online sales portals and keep the pricing strategy updated. The direct channel must be a priority therefore it must be in constant evolution with the promotions that are executed through the direct channel, web page and social networks.