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Call Center and CRM

Our Call center service

The service of reception and management of calls to mobile, fixed, whatsapp, Messenger Facebook, online chat is offered from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm. The hotel can be found anywhere in the world.

What is a CRM and how does it work in modern hotels?

A CRM system is a software that allows you to store historical information of all movements and requests registered in the client’s account, this is done with the purpose of taking commercial advantage, either

implementing cross selling and up selling but also seeking loyalty with calls and sending reminder messages, birthdays, check in, check out, offering additional services and keeping the client informed about events and activities in the city or hotel, in Ultimately a CRM system can be used as a strategy to increase hotel sales.

How to avoid losing hotel reservations on the phone?

The clients want to be sure that they speak directly with the hotel, that the conditions they offer on the internet are real and do not form part of a scam or something similar, that the payments are made in the correct account, that they want to confirm availability and rates found on the internet, are the most common reasons why the phone is and will continue to be the most commonly used method to close negotiations in the hotel industry. For this reason hotels must have a professional call center capable of serving in a friendly and efficient manner focused on knowing the most specific needs and looking for possible solutions to close the sale.

Call Conversion Rate

The other key aspect is the rate of conversion of calls, the hotel should know the number of calls received for the hotel to compare it with the number of quotes issued, reservations made and confirmed, in the end you will be looking to know what is the percentage of Effectiveness in telephone sales?